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Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Do you have a child expressing interest in music lessons? Have you, as an adult, always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Children can often begin music lessons as young as 3. Adults shouldn’t shy away either. It’s a common myth that adults can’t learn to play well, but adults often learn concepts faster than children. Young or old, read ahead to explore the benefits of learning an instrument!

Boost your Brainpower

Playing an instrument involves several different skills. You must simultaneously read the music, keep time, control your hands (and sometimes feet and mouth), and listen to your playing. It turns out the brainy musician stereotype is fairly accurate. Studies have shown that the corpus callosum (the part of the brain the helps the two hemispheres work together) tends to be larger in musicians. Additional research has shown that musical training can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning, and literacy skills.

 Build Persistence

Learning an instrument is a bit different than studying for a test in school. You can’t just sit down for hours and “cram” a new musical skill into your head. Learning a new piece of music or a new technical skill requires consistent effort. One hour of practice may not produce immediate results, but after one week of consistent practice sessions, the progress becomes obvious. Music students learn that persistence pays off. This resilient attitude comes in handy at school and work.

Reduce Stress

Why do hobbies help us relax? If you’re familiar with the basic idea behind meditation, you already know where I’m going with this. We all tend to let our minds wander, and we often wander toward rumination. We think about everything we have to do and what could go wrong. Hobbies, like meditation, encourage us to focus on the present moment. Playing an instrument is an excellent way to remove yourself from life’s stressors and focus on having fun.

Make Friends

Playing an instrument is a great way to meet new people! Children can join the school band or make friends with other students at their music schools. Adults can join meetup groups for fellow musicians or get to know other adult students at their music schools. The symphony is another great place to connect with music lovers, and there will always be something to talk about.

What are you waiting for? Pick up that keyboard (or guitar, or violin, or whatever you like) and get started today!

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