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Why Choose NC Music Center

NC Music Center is a premier music school located in the heart of Charlotte, NC. We offer a convenient location and a fantastic team of talented instructors. Read on to learn more about what makes our school the best choice!

Options and Flexibility

We offer lessons in piano, guitar, drums, voice, and violin for students ages 4 and up. With a diverse set of musical options, you’re sure to find something that interests you. Families with children who play different instruments can enjoy the convenience of music lessons at one convenient location.

Lessons are available Monday through Friday from 2PM to 8PM, and Saturday from 10AM-4PM. We offer year-round instruction and flexible month-to-month lesson contracts. Not sure if your child is ready to commit to a full semester of lessons? No problem! Try it out for one month first.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We’re here to ensure that our students receive a high-quality music education. When most people think of music lessons, they think of improving technical skill on an instrument. While technique is a major part of our curriculum, we also emphasize other key areas of music education to help students become well rounded. Students learn note reading, ear training, music theory, and improvisation.

Performance Opportunities

Our students have opportunities to participate in music festivals and competitions throughout the school year. We also host our very own student recital in May and December every year. Recitals are a fun and relaxed way to gain confidence and show off your skills.

Give us a call today! We are always thrilled to welcome new students and help them on their musical journeys!

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