Registration Form 2018-2019

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On this page when you click on the class you are signing up for you will find the total cost of the semester has been added to your total. The Spring Semester consists of 19 lessons and you have the option of paying for the entire semester upfront or you can divide your payment into 5 equal payments; which are due on the first of each month. Upon enrolling, you are committed to the entire semester of lessons. To withdraw you must notify the studio within 30 days.  

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If you would like to pay after speaking with someone, click submit for this form and when Pay Pal screen opens close that screen. Registration Form will still be sent.

By signing this document I understand:
• I/my child may be photographed /video graphed for use by NC Music Center publications/website or for use by all forms of media.
• The submitting of this form implies agreement to, and the observance of, the Studio Policy of NC Music Center, and the payment of all fees associated with the course(s), lessons, instruction, sessions as listed above.

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