Music Lessons for Children and Adults
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Welcome to NC Music Center
We provide private music lessons & small group instruction to the youth of Charlotte, NC. We are proud to offer the best quality music lessons in piano, voice, violin, guitar and drums. We serve students from Charlotte, Matthews, Gastonia, Concord, Lake Norman, and most of the surrounding metro area in Charlotte. Our staff is composed of highly trained musicians and educators who care about your child’s success and are eager to help you develop your musical skills. 704-299-9161

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Lessons We Offer:
Our music program offer five instrument options that are offered in options of private lessons, group classes and camps.

Dec 14 2017

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are the foundation of learning music, especially for beginners. The development of theory, note-reading, ear-training, rhythm, proper technique, and musicianship provide a comprehensive …

AGE: 6 & up

Dec 19 2017

Voice Lessons

Students may enroll in voice lessons to study any style of singing – from pop and jazz to classical art songs and arias. We believe that anyone can learn how to sing if they are trained to use their…

AGE: 4

Jun 21 2018

Violin Lessons

We offer private lessons in violin for students of all ages and abilities. We generally begin enrolling students in violin at age 3 or 4 depending on the size of the student. Our approach to instruct…

AGE: 4

Jul 28 2018

Drum Lessons

We offer private drum lessons in percussion including focus on drumset, snare drum, hand percussion, and marching percussion. Lessons are offered to students of different ages and at varying levels o…

AGE: 7

Jul 28 2018

Guitar Lessons

Contemporary guitar lessons are offered to students of a wide variety of ages, levels, and styles of guitar playing and performance. We also have many self-taught adult students who have hit a wall …

AGE: 6

Jul 28 2018

Musical Explorers Class

Music is considered a right brain activity, while math is a left brain activity. When combined, the whole child is engaged not only in the realm of thinking, but in all the other domains of social, em…

AGE: 3.5

Jul 29 2018

Suzuki Piano Lessons

Our teachers use a variety of teaching methods and styles including the Suzuki method, developed by Japanese violinist Schinichi Suzuki who believed that, “If a child hears fine music from the d…

AGE: 4

Oct 5 2018

Viola Lessons

We offer private lessons in violin for students of all ages and abilities. We generally begin enrolling students in violin at age 3 or 4 depending on the size of the student. Our approach to instruct…

Let’s Play Music

Let’s Play Music is a fun music theory course for your child which begins at age 4-6. This three year program solves the problem that a child is most ready to learn music at an early age, but his fi…

Oct 30 2019

Beginner Piano Class

Piano lessons are the foundation of learning music, especially for beginners. The development of theory, note-reading, ear-training, rhythm, proper technique, and musicianship provide a comprehensive …

AGE: 6-8


Why Choose Us!?

We teach: Piano, Guitar, Drum, Voice, & Violin lessons in 1 location Year Round Also: Fun Group Lessons for all Instruments.
This saves families time and money, as different family members can take multiple instruments on the same day and many at the same time. We teach Ages 4 & Up in all levels and music styles. Because we teach private lessons YEAR ROUND (including summers), and it is on a Month-To-Month basis, parents can relax and not worry about each semester enrollment.

A wide range of lesson times available. We are open YEAR ROUND & throughout the SUMMER!
Music Lessons are offered in Private, Group, Home school families and/or groups Classes. They are scheduled by appointment and are on a first come, first serve basis so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!Music Lessons Available Time Slots:Monday-Friday: are available 3:00pm to 8:00pm• Saturday: 10:00 am to 4:00pm• Sunday: Closed

A proven record of excellence
Every year, aspiring musicians start their own studios and a year or two later they close it, “change careers” or move away. Some independent teachers do not show up for their lessons and many enroll students at the wrong age just for “an extra income”. Others do not teach music notation or provide consistency at all. The worst is that parents are usually the victims, choosing the “nice guy that comes to our house” or “the lady that lives down the street” without being able to check their background, information and verify degrees and experience. We know music and music is what we do. Therefore, we know if a teacher knows how to teach notation or not, etc. Dedicated Music Teaching Staff.

A comfortable and spacious waiting room
Instead of waiting in a music retail store with no seats and feeling the pressure to purchase something, our families and students enjoy our spacious and professional waiting room with comfortable chairs. You can relax, work on your computer or even watch a lesson! A comfortable waiting room for parents and family members, Or if you prefer you can sit in on their lesson anytime you like (for private students).

Ideal Environment
Our facilities are designed to be the ideal learning environment. Rooms are large enough for you to sit in on lessons if you like. There are no pets, younger siblings, televisions, or other distractions in the lessons.

We offer complete musical instruction featuring ear training, note reading, theory, improvisation, and more. Private lessons are tailored to each student’s unique learning style and group activities provide real-life performing experience and social skill building.

Opportunities for performances & recitals
Recitals: Every May & December, our students perform in our recitals. We have so many students choosing to participate, that we have to rent a hotel conference room to host our recitals. Performance opportunities at each level of study, the level of confidence you get performing cannot be achieved anywhere else. Plus, preparing for a performance motivates students to work toward a goal. Also Competitions, Music Festivals and much more!

Two to three times a year we volunteer at Nursing Homes, giving our students an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life using their music talent. With our “More Than Music” campaign we get the students involved in multiple community giveback organizations.

Master Classes
Throughout the year Master Classes are offered with professional that currently work in the music industry.

Located in the heart Charlotte
Due to our central location, our school is convenient to Charlotte residents on both the east and west sides of Charlotte, plus Matthews, Ballantyne, University, Gastonia, Huntersville, and Mt. Holly. Visit the location page for more details.

Month to Month Private Lessons
Our school does not require semester enrollment for any private lesson. Our lessons are customized for each student, so you may start lessons at anytime of the year. No semester requirements or long term commitments. Although most of our music students are with us for three and four years or more, our School does not require semester minimums or yearly commitments. We plan on a year of lessons at enrollment, however if you cannot stay at the School you simply notify us on the first of the month and finish out that month in a positive way with your teacher.

Professional Training available for individuals preparing for demo recording, auditions, contest and recording projects etc.

All of our teachers are university educated in music, education, or a related field. We work together as a team to ensure that each student has an excellent experience.

is simple. Just contact us to schedule a time that works in your schedule. For your convenience we offer 4 make up opportunities per year. You can schedule simultaneous or back to back lessons with multiple instructors on multiple instruments. You can start at any time of the year.

Innovative Music Opportunities:
Our school offers numerous programs and workshops throughout the year in addition to private lessons.