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Why Choose NC Music Center

NC Music Center is a premier music school located in the heart of Charlotte, NC. We offer a convenient location and a fantastic team of talented instructors. Read on to learn more about what makes our…

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Growth Mindset

What do you think about when you watch a talented musician perform? Do you think about how gifted the performer is? Do you think about all the hard work that went into the performance preparation? You…

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Summer Practice Tips

School is out for the summer! For students, this is the time to relax and forget about studying for a couple of months. For those of us enrolled in music school, it’s not so simple. Your music lesso…

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Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Do you have a child expressing interest in music lessons? Have you, as an adult, always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Children can often begin music lessons as young as 3. Adults shouldn’t …

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Simple Strategies for Effective Practicing

Make a plan Think about what you want to accomplish during your practice session. For example, maybe you plan to spend 10 minutes on scales, 20 minutes on a new piece, and 15 minutes on a partially co…

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Music Audition Tips

Whether you are preparing for a college audition or musical theater audition, it can be overwhelming! Auditions are just like a job interview, In two to ten minutes, the individual hosting the auditio…

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Benefits of Music Lessons In Studio vs At Home

We differ from in-home lessons in that teaching is a professional occupation for our teachers, not a part time hobby. Lessons are taught in a safe, school environment free from the many distractions c…

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